Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Today has been “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”—a day that prompted Pakistan to block Facebook. It also prompted some interesting ethical discussions. As if to illustrate the threat to freedom of expression, Facebook has taken down the page, but it is cached here.

I will cut the Gordian knot of these philosophical debates with my own portrait of Mohammed (with a nod to John Cage):

Mohammed in the Blinding Snow

UPDATE: This one led to death threats, thus confirming its thesis….

One thought on “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

  1. I’m with Mark Steyn on this one. Gratuitous provocation is not on, but people are being murdered and threatened with bodily harm of all sorts for *cartoons.* And rumors of cartoons. And fake cartoons made up by imams who want to incite violence. And men and women talking to each other, and the Crusades, and female hair.

    If I were more talented photoshop-wise, I’d do a smiley face and substituted a bloodly curved scimitar for the mouth.

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