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A Nice Ride To School

From Red State, Cody Alicia gets an excellent escort to school Monday morning. He had been warned not to ride his bike to school with the American flag flying on the back.

Be sure to watch the video from the TV station – its not embedded in the Red State post, but has some comments from Cody. Cody at the end, was too choked up for words. Who wouldn’t be.


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Branko Ve Poljanski

The President and his left-wing medias lackeys seem not to understand the results of the Congressional midterm elections. I don’t think it’s difficult at all. Here are two relevant quotations, the first from Aristotle’s Politics—with which I’m sure our “we’re smarter than you are” overlords have an intimate familiarity—and the second from Serbian poet Branko Ve Poljanski, explaining to F. T. Marinetti why he could not accept fascism:

Aristotle: “The main cause of the overthrow of democracies is the outrageous behavior of demagogues. By attacking property owners they motivate them to band together out of fear, and they also spur on the people [to try to bleed the property owners]…. This is more or less the way democracies are destroyed. To win popular support, demagogues propose unjust treatment for the notables and thus force them to band together, by making them give up their property for redivision, or by having them expend their resources on public service, or by slandering them to force confiscations of their property.” (Politics 1304b: 20-1305a7)

Poljanski: “the politicians, together with their brethren the professors, ruined the world!”

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A Sea of Red

I have argued that our politics is essentially a battle between Locke and Rousseau. Yesterday’s election was one of the most directly philosophical that I can remember. The Republican Party is increasingly the party of Locke; the Democratic Party, the party of Rousseau. Framed that starkly, Locke wins almost everywhere except the coasts and areas that are heavily populated by minority voters.

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