Ridicule is the best weapon…

So said Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals.  But, guess what, Saul?  The same tactic can be used against you.  In fact, nothing is more ridiculous than radical ideas dressed up in “reasonable” clothing.  That’s what Russ Carnahan found out on Monday. Meanwhile, Ben Cardin encounters real anger.  I remember when Dan Rostenkowski was chased down the street by a group of senior citizens.  The … Continue reading Ridicule is the best weapon…

Mugging Western Civ

Barbara Moeller chronicles the destruction of the Western Civilization and American Institutions program at the University of Texas at Austin.  This program attracted a remarkable amount of alumni and foundation support, putting it among the top fundraising units at the University.  But the administration destroyed it anyway, because too many faculty oppose both Western Civilization and American Institutions.  It’s a sad tale that anyone interested … Continue reading Mugging Western Civ

Democracy’s Decline

The Baron has been thinking deep thoughts lately, wondering whether this is democracy’s endgame and contemplating a choice between kinds of barbarism.  He begins by thinking about cap-and-trade: This bill is not popular with the American people. Its alleged long-term benefits are far outweighed by the massive economic damage it will do to our country within the next few years. In the short term it … Continue reading Democracy’s Decline

California and Obamanomics

Will California’s fiscal crisis—i.e., bankruptcy—crash Obama’s health care plan?  That’s what Kevin Hassett says: The California morass has Democrats in Washington trembling. The reason is simple. If Obama’s health-care plan passes, then we may well end up paying for it with federal slips of paper worth less than California’s. Obama has bet everything on passing health care this year. The publicity surrounding the California debt … Continue reading California and Obamanomics

Uncertainty and Unemployment

Why does unemployment continue to increase?  Jerry Bowyer has an explanation: Jobs aren’t languishing despite the government’s best efforts. They’re languishing because of them. I think that’s exactly right.  FDR’s policies and, just as importantly, aggressive pursuit of new policies created massive uncertainty during the 1930s that did much to suppress economic activity. The same holds true of the stock market.  I’ve been sitting on … Continue reading Uncertainty and Unemployment

Obama: Pro-Islamist

Melanie Phillips points out that we have a pro-Islamist President: Sanitising Islam through false claims about its historic achievements and selective and misleading quotation from the Koran, he declared that it was part of his responsibility to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. Why? Did this mean therefore that he would fight against any condemnation of the theologically based Jew-hatred pouring out … Continue reading Obama: Pro-Islamist