Friday Morning Quarter-Backing the Tax Day Tea Parties in Austin

I went to one Tea Party/Tax Day Protest yesterday, a friend of mine went to another, and I haven’t spoken to anyone who went to the third one, which was not really a rally/protest because (a) it was held at a hotel, and (b) it was limited occupancy.  You needed reservations. The reviews are in: if we are going to have a vibrant, active Tea … Continue reading Friday Morning Quarter-Backing the Tax Day Tea Parties in Austin

Video: Haiti Earthquake

There are many organizations asking for money to help the relief efforts in Haiti.  And many of them are very good, BUT: it is a fact that some agencies are in a better position to help than others, and that there are unscrupulous operators.  My personal preference is to give to organizations that already have some infrastructure on the ground, and I have confidence in … Continue reading Video: Haiti Earthquake

Changing Places

Lydia McGrew writes compellingly about pressure in companies to advance, to develop one’s career by changing jobs frequently: there is intense pressure constantly to be changing one’s role in the company. This is billed as “developing,” “advancing.” “Move up or move out,” is the basic message. Even if, as does sometimes happen, you do well at your job and would prefer to keep doing it, … Continue reading Changing Places

Mission Statements

These days, most organizations—businesses, universities, churches, non-profits, and the various departments, committees, etc., within them—write mission statements. The statements are supposed to articulate the essence or purpose of the organization and thereby guide its activities. That mission statements are a good idea is generally taken as a given. Aside from some conglomerates who had plainly lost their way, however, and needed to sell off some … Continue reading Mission Statements