Uh oh! Darwin was right?!

Here we go again.  First large-scale formal quantitative test confirms Darwin’s theory of universal common ancestry.

Until now, the theory that makes ladybugs, oak trees, champagne yeast and humans distant relatives has remained beyond the scope of a formal test. Now, a Brandeis biochemist reports in Nature the results of the first large scale, quantitative test of the famous theory that underpins modern evolutionary biology.

Yet, it doesn’t disqualify faith. People get exercised over evolution v. creationism. To me one is a subset of the other, it appears to be just one arrow in God’s quiver of miracles. Like all of His ways, a mystery. Relax and try to understand the basis of both, and keep the faith.

2 thoughts on “Uh oh! Darwin was right?!

  1. Same Adam & Eve, and yet the paths toward intellectual progress got railroaded by some historical accidents for many – and so do we have a modern dichotomy that renders the following well-put observation: “They don’t yet understand that we in the West have spent the last 600 years not merely earning the right to be blasphemous, but more importantly creating a society and a worldview in which there is no such thing as blasphemy, because all forms of speech are permitted and religious bullies no longer get to determine what is forbidden. Now get out your pencils and start drawing.” from: http://shrinkwrapped.blogs.com/blog/#tp


  2. Geez was I tired last night – I meant ‘derailed’ not ‘railroaded’ … apologize for confusion! Cheers

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