Unions in Politics

Steven Malanga, in the Wall Street Journal, explains how big the stakes are for the Democratic Party: Public unions are also among the biggest players in national politics. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (Afscme) has been the third-biggest contributor to federal campaigns over the past 20 years, having given $43 million. The National Education … Continue reading Unions in Politics

Blogging on the decline (gotta put this on my FaceBook)

Oof! Less readers, uninspired writers. What is to become of all those blogs? As my son replied to one of my text messages to him, TL/DNR  (“too long, did not read”), but I will comment on it anyway. From the NY Times article … Blogs went largely unchallenged until Facebook reshaped consumer behavior with its all-purpose hub for posting everything social. Twitter, which allows messages … Continue reading Blogging on the decline (gotta put this on my FaceBook)

Why Wisconsin?

Given that the cuts Governor Walker is requesting are so small—as this cartoon nicely illustrates—and leave Wisconsin public employees still very well off compared to their peers in other states, what is the fight in Wisconsin really all about? Others have identified large themes one can see in this conflict: whether we will choose to embrace decline or fight it (Victor Davis Hanson); a “battle … Continue reading Why Wisconsin?

In Trouble with Arithmetic

This chart puts our budgetary situation as clearly as anything I’ve seen. And keep in mind that the projections in the President’s budget are almost certainly too optimistic, assuming economic growth significantly higher than we’ve been experiencing or historically have any right to assume. As Keith Hennessey remarks, Three things should jump out at you from the future portion of this graph: The red and … Continue reading In Trouble with Arithmetic

The New Tone, or Jerks on Twitter (Updated)

http://www.nationalreview.com/campaign-spot/259833/appalling-reaction-outrageous-crime Twitter, if anything, seems to bring out the creeps, and shines a light on their obnoxious natures. This guy needs to be sent packing, sacked, fired, and publicly embarrassed. But will NYU do anything? Thanks to National Review for noticing. UPDATE:   Eyeblast.tv has story that the twit has resigned and that NYU has accepted his resignation. Continue reading The New Tone, or Jerks on Twitter (Updated)

Cutting the Budget

Congress is just beginning to tackle the essential task of cutting the federal budget. Republicans have proposed to cut $100 billion over the remainder of this fiscal year; already Democrats and allied pundits are screaming that these cuts are Draconian. In fact, they’re far too small. Look at the trend in federal spending and the vast increases under Obama:     Let’s look at this … Continue reading Cutting the Budget

Krugman’s Brilliance

James Taranto, in his Wall Street Journal Best of the Web feature, says The most intelligent thing Paul Krugman has ever written was a Jan. 28 entry, titled simply “Egypt,” on his New York Times blog: I don’t know anything, have no expertise, haven’t even ever looked at the economic situation. Hence, no posting. If there comes a point when I have something to say, I … Continue reading Krugman’s Brilliance