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…isn’t necessarily a strength or a qualification. Caroline Glick reminds us just how terrible he’s been on dealing with Iran.

UPDATE: It’s been reported that, behind closed doors, Biden told Israeli officials that they would have to get used to a nuclear Iran.  The campaign is denying it, trumpeting his support for Israel, but unfortunately it’s consistent with his long-term softness on Iran.

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Palin by Comparison

Here‘s a point by point comparison of Sarah Plain and Barack Obama.

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It’s Palin!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

John McCain has selected Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin, to be his running mate.

I think this is a brilliant pick on several levels. First, Sarah Palin is a strong conservative. She will reassure and excite those in the Republican base who have been less than enthusiastic in their support of McCain. Second, she’s an outstanding candidate in her own right, with real accomplishments that make those of Barack Obama look puny. Third, she’s a fresh face; she makes it impossible for the Democrats to paint the Republican ticket as old, tired, and more of the same. Fourth, she’s a woman—one with a more impressive resume than Hillary, not to mention Obama—who should have a strong appeal to Hillary primary voters.

Note, by the way, that this photograph is aligned right.

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Church Service Bingo!

Addiction Can’t remember what the sermon was about Long pauses in prayer Pastor’s story debunked on snopes.com Evangelism
Microphone doesn’t work properly Feedback! “we do pray” Third world countries “Is A B, or is B A?”
Choir member falls asleep Global warming FREE Service runs long Crying or babbling child
Pastor tells personal story Injustice Inappropriate joke or story Child makes funny remark during children’s moment “Minute” for mission
Pastor chuckles during prayer “Someone once said…” Musician makes obvious mistake “The planet” Pastor mentions sexuality

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Stephen Green provides lighthearted coverage of protesters’ attempt to levitate the Denver Mint—until Michelle Malkin arrives. She demonstrates almost unbelievable self-control in the face of ugly, threatening behavior.

In other protest news, Zombie shows us what happens when anarchists try to coordinate a protest.

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The Census Bureau reports that the number of people lacking health insurance dropped by more than one million last year. I await the flood of mainstream media coverage of this excellent news!

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Barack Obama is complaining to the Department of Justice and threatening stations and networks with legal action to stop them from airing an independent ad that links him to domestic terrorism by way of his association with Bill Ayers. As Michelle Malkin points out, that doesn’t bode well for freedom of speech under an Obama administration. Obama calls the ad an “appalling lie.” But everything the ad says is true:

  1. Ayers, as head of the Weather Underground, was a domestic terrorist.
  2. Ayers remains unrepentant about his activities.
  3. Obama did have close association with Ayers—much closer than Obama has acknowledged—getting his political start in Ayers’ home and working with Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Ironic, isn’t it, that the only thing that gives the complaint any chance of success is a law called McCain-Feingold?

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