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Texas Rangers trying hard to get it right in response to horrible accident last year. I believe they did.

Ranger erect statue of Shannon and Cooper Stone. And a tribute to all their fans. What a tough thing to have to go through. To their credit they kept it simple and heartfelt. I think it’s great work.




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This is what it looks like to get hit by a golf shot: Dustin Johnson hits camera tower with drive on 18 …



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Here is a very good piece about this terrible accident last night. I learned of it reading my twitter feed last night, the details now proven to be accurate.  I saw a video clip of it as well.

In the second inning, Oakland A’s outfielder Conor Jackson hit a screaming foul ball down the left-field line. It caromed toward Josh Hamilton, the Rangers’ left fielder. Hamilton picked it up and threw the ball toward the stands. Players do this hundreds of times in a season. It’s part of baseball’s charm. Show up to a stadium, take home a piece of the game.

Hamilton’s toss came in short. It didn’t stop Shannon Stone from stretching to grab it. I’m almost certain, in fact, that the moment before Shannon Stone fell 20 feet and suffered injuries that would kill him, he was indescribably happy. He was going to grab a baseball from Josh Hamilton, a man who hauled himself from the depths of drug addiction to not only return to baseball but win the American League MVP award last season. Once Stone had that baseball, he was going to hand it to his son. And for the rest of his life, his son would have a story to tell about the time his daddy reached over a railing and snagged a bad throw from Josh Hamilton, one of the most talented players ever to wear a baseball uniform.

Instead, he watched his dad die. He saw Shannon Stone secure the ball in both hands but lose his balance in the process. The man next to Stone reached, in vain, to grab his leg. Stone fell head first 20 feet.

Read the rest. From other accounts I have read, the Rangers organization is truly stunned and torn up by this. You have to really feel for Josh Hamilton who has exorcised all types of drug abuse and other demons from his life now has to deal with this tragedy.

The game was make up of an earlier rain out, originally an off day. It was one year ago and one day that another fan fell from the upper deck trying to catch a foul ball, but he survived.

Horrible all around. Nothing but tears and prayer will heal.

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Its like watching the game with 162.9 million of your friends. Twitter graphs its usage over the course of the 2011 Super Bowl.

The big event had its own Twitter record, too. If you tweeted at 10:07:16pm EST, you helped set a new Twitter record: during the final moments of the game, fans sent 4,064 Tweets per second (TPS) – the highest TPS for any sporting event. That spike shattered the previous record in the sporting world: the 3,283 TPS sent during Japan’s 3-1 victory over Denmark during last summer’s World Cup.

That’s pretty great, but who is reading all those tweets? Its almost like measuring the water usage in the Olympics.

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How timely and topical. Brett Favre takes one in comedic fashion, right where most of the discussion about him has been this season. Like Homer says, “it works on so many levels.”

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Since we’re on Sports, Craig “Junior” Miller, one of The Musers at 1310AM The Ticket in Dallas, offers up a hot sports opinion on the future of NCAA football, with the year 2025 as the horizon.

I believe we are headed for four, 20 or 22-team, super-conferences. …  Each football team will play 11 games–4 or 5 against your division mates, 4 or 5 others against rotating members of your super-conference, and a few non-conference games. Then, at the end of the regular season, each conference will have a playoff featuring the four division winners to determine who goes to college football’s Final Four.

I for one wanted a NCAA playoff for division I, but didn’t think it would go down this way. But given the recents events and news surrounding the Big 12, it does appear more likely. Good stuff Junior.

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World Cup

The world will be stopping down for World Cup football (soccer to US) tournament this month. Bob Sturm of The Ticket’s BaD Radio has a good strong preview. He sizes up the USA side and assesses their chances to advance. I don’t normally watch this football but might get drawn in to the rounds of 16, especially if we do advance. The Sturminator on that happening …

The biggest concern for the USA as they prepare to play England, Algeria, and Slovenia is the back line. Just like in hockey, if the back line of defenders is weak, the goalie will have almost no chance. And here, the quality of the back 4 defenders for the Americans has been under a great spotlight. There have been too many times in the friendlies where the opposition ran free in the penalty area with no USA defenders in sight. This will be the death of a team in the World Cup. The strikers are too precise, and all they need is an inch. Wayne Rooney scores at every level of world football, so he will not be impressed with the rather so-so group of defenders he will face on Saturday.

Sports Sturm will do his best to help you care about the World Cup.

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