“Where are the police?”

A friend writes: “Months of riots and violence are just fine but the threat of a few thousand Proud Boys coming to Portland warrants declaring a state of emergency? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-race-protests-portland-idUSKBN26H0I8 “More seriously: what did the geniuses calling for defunding/abolishing police thought would happen? Granting there ARE some white supremacists—who did the geniuses thought would protect black people from their attacks? Why is suddenly local law … Continue reading “Where are the police?”

Back to the Future

I had made the mistake of giving up blogging, instead passing on links to articles with brief comments on Facebook and in some other contexts. I’ve begun to notice that those posts receive very little attention. I haven’t been blocked, but posts with a conservative political orientation seem to be downgraded. Even my own wife rarely sees them. I’ve been active in other ways, appearing … Continue reading Back to the Future