The Essence of the Left

Wretchard, in the comments, gets to the heart of the Leftist impulse, and, while he’s at it, of limited government. I’m going to quote the comment in full, because this strikes me as deeply insightful. It captures the essence of the Obama administration as well as anything I’ve ever seen. The drama in China features our old friends, the useful fools and the players. In … Continue reading The Essence of the Left


Thanks to James Pethokoukis and economists Richard V. Burkhauser, Jeff Larrimore, and Kosali I. Simon for tackling the Left’s absurd claims about income stagnation for the middle class. I’ve never understood how the stagnation argument gets any traction, since it’s obviously false. Anyone who has lived in America for the past several decades knows that there has been a tremendous rise in the median family’s standard of … Continue reading Inequality

Various Thoughts

I’ve been very busy getting two papers ready, so I haven’t been posting. But there are some stories to which I want to draw your attention. 1. High gasoline prices are just one obvious way in which President Obama’s environmental and energy policies are bearing their intended and foreseen fruits. I’m delighted that people are remembering his 2008 claim: “Under my plan… electricity rates would … Continue reading Various Thoughts

Texas Rangers get it right; statue to fans and making the best of a tragic accident

Texas Rangers trying hard to get it right in response to horrible accident last year. I believe they did. Ranger erect statue of Shannon and Cooper Stone. And a tribute to all their fans. What a tough thing to have to go through. To their credit they kept it simple and heartfelt. I think it’s great work.     Continue reading Texas Rangers get it right; statue to fans and making the best of a tragic accident