Morning Jolt®

I’m really liking Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt.  Subscribe here. In his “Addenda” bit, he notes that John and Elizabeth Edwards are separated.  It’s a shame- I had the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for E to give to J: OK, maybe she could spring for an undetonated pair.  Gives whole new meaning to the phrase, “Blow job.” Does “al-Qaeda’s Secret” have an 800 number?  Lemme ask … Continue reading Morning Jolt®

What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

This is an informal poll. Tomorrow’s a big day: the first anniversary of The Rapture, a.k.a. the Shoah, and ironically, the first full day of Scott Brown’s tenure in a national office. Speaking of health care, gazing at this makes me feel good.  I just may spend the day clutching a copy to my bosom, weeping with gratitude, and muttering “the people’s seat…” Or, I … Continue reading What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

Trouble, worry, worry, worry, and Other Dog Tales

Stripe the Wonder Dog is just like this.  As a puppy in a household of 14 dogs (they were breeders and competition herders: not a puppy mill,) she was extremely cagey about hiding the chewies.  I even caught her glancing side-to-side furtively before she dug a hole for her rawhide in a nook against the side of the house. And, file this story under “Dogs: … Continue reading Trouble, worry, worry, worry, and Other Dog Tales

Video: Haiti Earthquake

There are many organizations asking for money to help the relief efforts in Haiti.  And many of them are very good, BUT: it is a fact that some agencies are in a better position to help than others, and that there are unscrupulous operators.  My personal preference is to give to organizations that already have some infrastructure on the ground, and I have confidence in … Continue reading Video: Haiti Earthquake

There’s Something About Peter

In reference to Barb’s post: I’m baffled about how a jerk like Peter Orszag attracts women like Claire Milonas, whom he dumped when she got pregnant, despite her wealth and beauty. Look at the picture of Orszag. Here’s Claire: She’s pretty. She also looks nice. I can’t look at these pictures without liking her. Here’s his new squeeze, Bianna Golodryga: Power must be more of … Continue reading There’s Something About Peter

A New Contributor!

Conservatives in Texas aren’t an endangered species, but, in this part of Texas, they’re relatively rare. And, as you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve been busy enough to have trouble posting consistently at certain times. So, I’ve invited another Texas conservative, author of the blog Quid Nimis, to join forces with me. Thanks, Barb! “Double the pleasure… double the fun!” Continue reading A New Contributor!

“To transfer money and power from you to them”

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about the nature of the Democratic party: Glenn Reynolds on the stimulus package: “This is not so much a stimulus, as a massive transfer of wealth from the politically unconnected to the politically connected.” I think that’s exactly right. I noticed back in the 1980s that the Democratic party devoted itself primarily to exactly that kind of transfer. … Continue reading “To transfer money and power from you to them”

The Stories You Don’t Hear

The past two days have brought a variety of stories of airport security episodes. Among them: a Saudi dressed as a pilot arrested in the Manila airport; Saudi passengers becoming unruly and disobeying the flight crew on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit targeted on Christmas; and a Pakistani becoming loud and unruly on a flight to San Francisco. But many more stories go unreported. On … Continue reading The Stories You Don’t Hear