Cut the Budget: Apply Reynolds’ Law!

David French reflects on Reynolds’ Law (which I have discussed, and which Glenn Reynolds discussed on Tuesday) and its application to higher education: When you believe, simplistically, that college somehow equals success, then vacuuming more people into college just makes sense. Yet you’re vacuuming in real people, not stimulus-response lab rats. And many of these real people are quite unprepared for traditional workloads, unused to … Continue reading Cut the Budget: Apply Reynolds’ Law!

If the United States were a business….

our stock price would be plummeting. That’s the upshot of this report, which is worth studying. The beginning: Our country is in deep financial trouble. Federal, state and local governments are deep in debt yet continue to spend beyond their means, seemingly unable to stop. Our current path is simply unsustainable. That’s what the Tea Parties have been all about. And that’s what the Left … Continue reading If the United States were a business….

On the Supposed Right to Immigrate

My church has been having an adult Sunday-school class on immigration. They’ve hosted a Democratic state representative, a professor from the local seminary, etc., all on one side of the question. I’ve been stunned that people who think that there’s a right to immigrate and a corresponding duty (at least for Christians) to promote open borders feel no compulsion to listen to the other side. … Continue reading On the Supposed Right to Immigrate

Intolerance of the Avant Garde

Art should challenge the status quo, the staid complacencies of the bourgeoisie; it should even shock. So goes a standard Leftist line. But when art actually DOES that, they do their best to suppress it. That helps to explain why the ideas of the avant garde have been the same for more than a century, and why, today, avant garde means defending the statist status … Continue reading Intolerance of the Avant Garde