Reactions to Obama’s first try on the attempted terror attack: Dan Riehl: “OMG – He’s Sleep Walking It! Obama Saves Self From Tasty Waves, Cool Buds … To Speak! This has to be the most perfunctory speech the orator in chief has ever given. It’s as if he resents being pulled away from his vacation to make it. Where’s the energy? The personal connection? It … Continue reading Self-Triangulation

Moon over Detroit

An al-Qaeda terror attack that could easily have killed hundreds was narrowly averted on Christmas Day, thanks to a malfunctioning detonator and a heroic Dutchman. But, don’t worry; “the system worked perfectly.” Roey Rosenblith gives his eyewitness account as a passenger on the plane. Here are some questions worth thinking about: Richard Fernandez: “One of them was casually revealed by the statement that there are … Continue reading Moon over Detroit

Iran Ablaze; President Golfs

Iran has been at war with the United States since 1979. We have only occasionally bothered to notice. Recent events have gone to long way toward strengthening Iran in the Middle East; again, few besides Caroline Glick have been playing attention: Over the past week Lebanon capitulated to the Iranian axis. Turkey solidified its full membership in the axis. And Egypt began to make its … Continue reading Iran Ablaze; President Golfs

“To the Benefit of the Least Advantaged”

John Rawls contends that inequalities must be arranged so that they benefit the least advantaged members of society. There are real questions about the identity of the least advantaged; income maps tend to show that the least advantaged, in terms of income, are the residents of state mental hospitals. But put that aside. It’s commonly assumed that Rawls’s difference principle favors a European-style welfare state … Continue reading “To the Benefit of the Least Advantaged”

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The Climategate revelations and the snowstorm that swept through Europe gave the Copenhagen global warming meetings an air of unreality. The spectacle of politicians gathering in Denmark with the goal of impoverishing their own societies provided that others do the same sets a new historical standard for idiocy. It isn’t just Climategate and snowstorms. Icecap reviews the evidence (HT: PowerLine): • The most effective greenhouse gas … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green

Health Care “Reform”—Unconstitutional?

The Senate gave the American people a grim Christmas gift by passing the health care bill.  It appears likely that a bill at least as bad will emerge from conference committee and be passed into law over the opposition of a unified Republican party and a clear majority of the American people.  The result will be disastrous medically as well as financially.  Our only hope, … Continue reading Health Care “Reform”—Unconstitutional?

Another Bad Example

Nicholas Kristof wrote an editorial in the New York Times illustrating the need for Obamacare.  John, from Oregon, faced a devastating illness, lost his job, lost his health coverage, and couldn’t find a doctor who would treat him.  Michelle Malkin and various readers of the Times have taken the story apart.  It turns out that John could have been covered under his wife’s health insurance … Continue reading Another Bad Example


So much has been happening on Climategate that I haven’t been able to keep up and blog too.  Meanwhile, my Handel concert tomorrow may be snowed out!  The high being predicted for tomorrow is thirty degrees below normal.  Global warming, my ***! Here are a few highlights: Phil Jones has stepped down as Director of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit, pending an investigation.  The … Continue reading Brrr….