When a church passes away

Pictured is what’s remaining of Trinity Lutheran in Dallas TX. I got this from Google Maps (what a resource, right?). I looked it up after receiving an email from my brother with a news story that it is to become a branch of Dallas YMCA. From dallasnews.com: The Y has plans to resurrect the site of the vacant Trinity Lutheran Church — a block away from … Continue reading When a church passes away


I joined FB to get news about particular things, and the original reason that I joined has gone away.  Now I find myself getting really annoyed by a number of people who are from my old church who link YouTube videos, usually of beautiful choral music from England, from a site that’s called “Unapologetically Episcopalian.”  I find myself thinking, “Really, these people don’t think they … Continue reading Facebook

Uh oh! Darwin was right?!

Here we go again.  First large-scale formal quantitative test confirms Darwin’s theory of universal common ancestry. … Until now, the theory that makes ladybugs, oak trees, champagne yeast and humans distant relatives has remained beyond the scope of a formal test. Now, a Brandeis biochemist reports in Nature the results of the first large scale, quantitative test of the famous theory that underpins modern evolutionary … Continue reading Uh oh! Darwin was right?!

Incompetence on Trial

Which is more cringe inducing? Sadly, this spectacle makes Philo’s point about our so-called war on terror even more depressing: we aren’t even pursuing the flunkies in any way that is coherent.  The Taliban knows who there their enemy is, and will advertise to one and all who the enemy is.  We glance nervously around and knit our brows and courageously refuse to impugn a … Continue reading Incompetence on Trial

The Check’s in the Mail, etc.

No, dear, that dress doesn’t make your asterisk look fat. My dog ate my homework. The system worked. What part of this scenario makes no sense? On Sunday night, about 24 hours after the smoking Nissan Pathfinder was left on a bustling Manhattan street, investigators identified Mr. Shahzad as the buyer of the car. While the vehicle identification number had been removed from the passenger … Continue reading The Check’s in the Mail, etc.

Lent, and Music, and Liturgy, and Stuff

Last year I made the decision to get serious about not being an Episcopalian anymore, and [extensive edits for length] decided to become a Roman Catholic, which will finally happen in a couple of weeks.  Anyway, in the process of educating myself about the Church I’ve come across the answer to a burning question: why does the music that is sung in mass suck really … Continue reading Lent, and Music, and Liturgy, and Stuff

Religion and Reason

Ever since the Enlightenment, a standard line has been that religion is irrational; if only we could get rid of it, rationality would reign. Recent studies cast doubt on that view: From Hollywood to the academy, nonbelievers are convinced that a decline in traditional religious belief would lead to a smarter, more scientifically literate and even more civilized populace. The reality is that the New … Continue reading Religion and Reason

Undercover Mosques

Britain’s Channel 4 visited mosques to find out what was being preached and taught, and discovered disturbing evidence that Saudi-funded mosques convey hate-filled political messages. A female reporter attends prayer meetings at an important British mosque which claims to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other faiths. She secretly films shocking sermons given to the women-only congregation in which female preachers recite extremist and … Continue reading Undercover Mosques

Church Service Bingo!

Addiction Can’t remember what the sermon was about Long pauses in prayer Pastor’s story debunked on snopes.com Evangelism Microphone doesn’t work properly Feedback! “we do pray” Third world countries “Is A B, or is B A?” Choir member falls asleep Global warming FREE Service runs long Crying or babbling child Pastor tells personal story Injustice Inappropriate joke or story Child makes funny remark during children’s … Continue reading Church Service Bingo!