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is another man’s modus tollens:

ILYA SOMIN: Do Government Subsidies for Health Care Justify Paternalistic Soda Pop Regulations?

I think paternalistic soda pop regulations justify banning government subsidies for health care.


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The ban on the sale of large soft drinks and other types of large beverages in New York City has resellers in need of new marketing strategies. I believe I have a winning idea for Starbucks. Their large coffee drink known as the Vente would be in violation of the new regulation. They need a new sized drink – exactly half the size of the Vente, and sell it for exactly half the original price of the Vente. This new sized drink could be bought on sale in pairs. This new size would be known as the Decinte (pronounced “dis-sen-tay”). Slogans? ” Decinte is good. Have two. ” , “Decinte – no one can drink just one”.

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