Attorneys for Times Square bomber

Allegedly attorneys are lining up to defend Shazbot Fail, who failed in his attempt at setting off a car bomb in Time Square. Dennis Miller yesterday expounded on this saying (not his exact words, but the flavor) …   This is a career enhancer. It will put them in good standing with Eric Holder for future employment in the Justice Department. Continue reading Attorneys for Times Square bomber


This is the number one reason I didn’t vote for Obama, the Supreme Court. His appointees will cause detrimental effects long after O is gone. All legislation must at some point pass through all 3 branches of government (what were they again??). At the judicial branch, Obama will have the courts bent solidly leftward that many Constitutional tests will be ignored in favor of … Continue reading The SCOTUS

Intuitions about Fairness

We usually think we have a good common sense grasp on what’s fair and what’s not. Kwame Anthony Appiah points out that when it comes to tax policy, at any rate, that’s not so, as Thomas Schelling’s research demonstrates: Would it be fair, do you think, to give poor parents a bigger credit than rich parents? Schelling’s students were inclined to think so. If the … Continue reading Intuitions about Fairness

Reactions to Obama’s Speech

Michael Goldfarb points out how amazing our current situation is: What if I told you in 2004 that the Democratic party would run an African American candidate for president in 2008? I tell you National Journal will officially label this candidate the most liberal member of the United States Senate. This candidate will also have served less than three years in that Senate, with no … Continue reading Reactions to Obama’s Speech

Spitzer’s Boner

Eliot Spitzer has resigned as Governor of New York, giving the state its first African-American governor. Michael Barone has reflections on the danger of selective enforcement when a law on the books generally goes unenforced: When society has effectively legalized something that is still theoretically illegal, there is always the possibility of selective prosecution—targeting individuals who are in disfavor with someone in government. Selective prosecution … Continue reading Spitzer’s Boner

Schools of Social Work

The National Association of Scholars has published a report on schools of social work throughout the country, finding that most are committed to ideological indoctrination rather than unbiased research: “Social work education is a national academic scandal.” Stephen Balch, NAS Director: Defenders of the American university claim that the seriousness of the problem of political correctness has been greatly exaggerated by critics. There is, however, … Continue reading Schools of Social Work

Free Jonathan Pollard

Morris Pollard (Jonathan’s father) and David Kirshenbaum argue that Jonathan Pollard, convicted of spying for Israel in 1985, should be freed. The key passage: Jonathan was never accused of intending to, or even of having reason to believe that the information he transmitted to Israel could cause injury to America. Indeed, 22 years after Jonathan’s arrest, no evidence has ever been presented of any damage … Continue reading Free Jonathan Pollard