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Presidential Teleprompter Stolen

Per Dennis Miller this morning, and I am paraphrasing, an APB needs to go out for suspects who are:  pompous, self-aggrandizing, messianic, blameless, golf playing, incompetents likely occupying a major city park near you, and probably haven’t bathed in weeks.

The president was asked for comment – ” uh, er, uh , let me be clear … privilege communications, um I mean its Bush’s fault”


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There is lots of speculation over on Twitter as to the title of the book thrown at Obama this weekend. If you search #bookthrownatobama , you will get a lot of info, a sample:

  • The Constitution For Dummies
  • Hawaiin Citizenship Made Easy
  • U.S. History 101
  • Dorf On Golf In 57 States
  • Wheres Waldo’s Job?
  • The U.S. Health Care Act of 2010 (it killed 3 people behind him)
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love Big Brother Obama

And my favorite …. (from Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) who I met at the Red State Gathering here in Austin)

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, At Some Point You’ve Caught Enough Fish

PS   Another twitter suggestion …   Kindles are lighter.


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There is an actor out there that we’ve all seen, but his name escapes your memory unless you’re a big fan. Stephen Tobolowsky is the actor I am thinking of. Why? Listening to The Ticket out of Dallas recently, Tobolowsky was interviewed by BaD Radio. He is a fascinating interview, talking of how he broke his neck and survived, his high school rock band’s fill in guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, and of course the movie Groundhog Day.

I found the website The Tobolowsky Files somewhat by accident. There I found podcasts of Stephen’s on various topics. I downloaded an episode where he talks about his experiences on the making of Groundhog Day (episode 29). To me, very interesting and nicely done, plus quite humorous.

So here’s another podcast recommendation: Stephen Tobolowsky and The Tobolowsky Files. He is also on Twitter and of course Facebook.

PS if I find a BaD Radio podcast with the interview, I will update.

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The president taking charge in the Gulf of Mexico

He said I SHALL RETURN, and indeed he has.

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