There’s Something Happening Here….

“Is something happening here?” asks Scott Johnson.  Yes.  What it is ain’t exactly clear.  But there’s no denying the phenomenon.  Crowds of opponents to the government’s health care plan showed up yesterday in Austin and Bastrop to confront Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D).  The Travis Monitor has been covering the story here. Something similar happened in Philadelphia. The Left can fool itself into thinking this is … Continue reading There’s Something Happening Here….

Education: A Model for Health Care?

I’m back from vacation, and ready to get back to blogging. This morning’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting editorial on how unions serve the interests of teachers at the expense of students: The Ujima Village Academy is one of the best public schools in Baltimore and all of Maryland. Students at the charter middle school are primarily low-income minorities; 98% are black and 84% … Continue reading Education: A Model for Health Care?