“What Won’t He Control?”

When Obama was first elected, I told a friend that he was a fascist—not in the standard Leftist-diatribe sense, where it means “someone I don’t like,” but in the sense of someone who differs from communists in allowing much of the economy to remain in private hands while nevertheless forcing it to conform to government direction. The State of the Union address offered further confirmation … Continue reading “What Won’t He Control?”

Thoughts on Equality

A Facebook friend recently posted something sympathetic with Occupy Wall Street and related concerns about inequality. I commented that inequality seems to me utterly irrelevant. If a wealthy person becomes even more wealthy at my expense, I have reason to be upset. If that person thrives without disadvantaging me, however, I see no reason to complain. In fact, it seems to me I should prefer … Continue reading Thoughts on Equality

Environmental Parasites

While we’re on the topic of the environment: Here’s a helpful summary of key emails from ClimateGate 2.0. Don’t fall for the line that misconduct revealed by these emails is irrelevant to scientific conclusions. The emails reveal that the source data is a complete mess. No one knows where it came from; no one can trace data points to specific locations; it’s been “corrected” or … Continue reading Environmental Parasites

Affirmative Pretense or Self-delusion

Justice Antonin Scalia once wrote: There is, of course, a lot of pretense or self-delusion (you can take your choice) in all that pertains to affirmative action. Those words came to mind this morning when I received an EEO/AA Program Policy Statement from my employer: The University … is an equal employment opportunity employer. The University does not discriminate or tolerate harassment on any basis prohibited … Continue reading Affirmative Pretense or Self-delusion