After a Rough Week

I’m back, after a rough week in which I had to grade term papers and say goodbye to my cat Jewel, who came out of her own room over the past year or two and socialized normally with us and with other cats, often sleeping on the bed next to me. We miss her. There are lots of things I’ve wanted to blog about. Here’s … Continue reading After a Rough Week

A Tsunami of Taxes

It’s no surprise that the economy is sputtering: The Obama administration has done its best to attack the private sector ever since it came to power. Its regulatory expansion, its massive and little-understood bills governing health care and the financial sector, its attacks on business in the media and before Congressional committees, and its push for cap-and-trade, card check, and other anti-business legislation have sown … Continue reading A Tsunami of Taxes


This is turning out to be the weirdest year in Texas, weather-wise.  After several years of drought that rivaled the all-time worst droughts of the last century, we’ve been getting copious amounts of rain.  Over 5 inches fell this past week at my house.  If it weren’t for all of the biting insects, you’d think it was England.  Oh, yeah, and the accents.  I understand … Continue reading Rain


I joined FB to get news about particular things, and the original reason that I joined has gone away.  Now I find myself getting really annoyed by a number of people who are from my old church who link YouTube videos, usually of beautiful choral music from England, from a site that’s called “Unapologetically Episcopalian.”  I find myself thinking, “Really, these people don’t think they … Continue reading Facebook