Happy Thanksgiving!

We do, indeed, have a lot to be thankful for. I am amazed at how few these days remember to whom we owe thanks. Our Associate Pastor last Sunday referred to Thanksgiving as a secular holiday. If pastors don’t remember, then who will? Here’s a video starring T. J. Thyne (Dr. Hodgins on Bones) that will make you smile. Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Civic Illiteracy

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has devised a quiz testing civic literacy. The average score is only 49%– though it improved to 78% online in November, perhaps because the online group is self-selected, and perhaps because elections improve awareness of civic matters for a while. The most remarkable finding is that elected officials do worse than average, scoring only 44%! You can take the quiz here. … Continue reading Civic Illiteracy

Rangel on Taxes

Charlie Rangel is proposing lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 28%—a move that comes close to McCain’s proposal to lower it to 25%, but not so close to Reagan’s better proposal to lower it to 0%—while raising the top individual tax rate to 44%, applying on income over $200,000. One out of two…. Why do Democrats think, for example, that two-income professional couples … Continue reading Rangel on Taxes

Puzzling Juxtapositions

Have you noticed? Obama won 52% of the vote—a “landslide,” according to the increasingly foolish mainstream media. California’s Proposition 8 also passed with 52% of the vote. Why is no one calling that a landslide? Obama is said to have won because voters were concerned about the economy. But the stock market has plummeted since he was elected although there has been little economic news. … Continue reading Puzzling Juxtapositions

Reaction Roundup

John Hawkins has an illuminating roundup of conservative blog reactions to McCain’s defeat. Everyone in America knows the theme of Obama’s campaign—hope and change—even if no one knows what that really means. There was no theme to McCain’s campaign. “Country first”? That didn’t convey anything except McCain’s patriotism. And patriotism, even elevated to heroism, isn’t a political vision. It tells us nothing about where we … Continue reading Reaction Roundup


We have a historic choice to make today, a choice between strength and weakness containment and appeasement freedom and suppression prosperity and depression low taxes and high taxes honesty and mendacity respect for life and contempt for life More broadly, we have a choice between the philosophy of John Locke on which this country was built—one based on individual liberty and individual rights to life, … Continue reading Vote!

Thomas Sowell on Obama and Biden

He disapproves: Barack Obama has the kind of cocksure confidence that can only be achieved by not achieving anything else. Anyone who has actually had to take responsibility for consequences by running any kind of enterprise– whether economic or academic, or even just managing a sports team– is likely at some point to be chastened by either the setbacks brought on by his own mistakes … Continue reading Thomas Sowell on Obama and Biden