Did Obama Do the Wright Thing?

Reactions to Obama’s press conference from Ann Althouse, who reads closely and brings out aspects you won’t have thought about; Michelle Malkin, who isn’t buying a bit of it; and Wretchard, who observes that Wright’s theology makes hash of the communion of the saints. Continue reading Did Obama Do the Wright Thing?

Professor Sues Students…

when it sounds as if it should be the other way around. “Worst professor ever”—well confirmed. What on earth is going on at Dartmouth? Consider her qualifications for a position at Dartmouth Medical School: After obtaining a BA from Dartmouth College, I have an MS in Genetics from UC Davis and a PhD in Literature from UC San Diego. Literature!  And the sentence is only … Continue reading Professor Sues Students…

“I’m going down to Moe’s for a couple of beers.”

That’s what Bart Simpson told his family in “Homer v. the Eighteenth Amendment.” “I’ll go with you!” said Homer. Marge put a stop to it, and that was that—except, of course, that Bart’s drinking started a temperance campaign that led to prohibition. As the episode illustrates, things get complicated when the government gets involved. That’s perhaps the moral of this story of a University of … Continue reading “I’m going down to Moe’s for a couple of beers.”

Changing Places

Lydia McGrew writes compellingly about pressure in companies to advance, to develop one’s career by changing jobs frequently: there is intense pressure constantly to be changing one’s role in the company. This is billed as “developing,” “advancing.” “Move up or move out,” is the basic message. Even if, as does sometimes happen, you do well at your job and would prefer to keep doing it, … Continue reading Changing Places

Syria: Israel = Iran: ??

Israel bombed the nuclear reactor under construction in Syria to prevent the Syrians and the terrorist groups they sponsor from acquiring nuclear weapons.  Will anyone do the same to Iran?  Alisdair Palmer argues in favor of such a course: When the governments trying to acquire the technology for making nuclear bombs are known to train and supply Islamist terrorist groups – as Syria and Iran, … Continue reading Syria: Israel = Iran: ??

What Not to Think

Ann Althouse critiques an episode of “What Not to Wear,” and suggests an alternative starring philosophers: The show ends with everyone celebrating the amazing changes in the woman’s appearance. You have scenes where everyone claps and cheers and the makeover target twirls around in her new clothes — which look ugly to me — and professes to be transformed. We’re assured — typical woman’s TV … Continue reading What Not to Think