Businessmen Are Stupid

That’s about all I can conclude from this article: The chairman of the Business Roundtable, an association of top corporate executives that has been President Obama‘s closest ally in the business community, accused the president and Democratic lawmakers Tuesday of creating an “increasingly hostile environment for investment and job creation.” Ivan G. Seidenberg, chief executive of Verizon Communications, said that Democrats in Washington are pursuing tax … Continue reading Businessmen Are Stupid

Zombie Keynesians!

Greg Mankiw discusses the Obama administration economic policies at length, treating them as standard Keynesian prescriptions. I thought Keynesian economics had been refuted decisively by the 1970s, since the Keynesian policies of Nixon, Ford, and Carter led to stagflation. But Keynesianism is not dead; it has risen, zombie-like, as if out of a 1970-s horror movie. A decade of stagflation following the “increase spending” model; … Continue reading Zombie Keynesians!

Kremlinology Begins at Home

Richard Fernandez puzzles over a piece in the Telegraph that predicts Rahm Emanuel’s departure from the White House. He engages in analysis worthy of Kremlinologists at their best, and translates: Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is expected to leave his job later this year after growing tired of the ‘idealism’ of Barack Obama’s inner circle. His abrasive style has rubbed some people … Continue reading Kremlinology Begins at Home

Good Thing He Didn’t Ask for Directions!

A student asks Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) whether he supports Obama’s agenda, and the Congressman attacks him, knocks his camera from his hand, grabs his wrist, then his arm, then his neck, all the while demanding, “Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?” What on earth is going on here? Does it relate to things like this? When are people going to start fighting back? Of … Continue reading Good Thing He Didn’t Ask for Directions!