Budget and Tax Facts

Michelle Malkin lists some remarkable “fun” facts about the Obudget, including these nuggets: In 2009, federal spending will approach $4 trillion, or 28 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) – a one-third increase in the size of government in a single year…. 1. The Administration’s projected budget deficit of $1.75 trillion is higher than the last five years of deficits combined, and under this plan, … Continue reading Budget and Tax Facts


President Obama has sent his budget to Congress. It increases federal spending beyond the bounds of rational thought: As Gateway Pundit observes, Obama has already spent more than twice the entire cost of the war in Iraq! This budget takes the federal deficit to 1942 levels. The budget also includes a cap-and-trade program that will cost the economy an estimated four million jobs, increasing unemployment … Continue reading OBOGUS!

I’m Back!

Sorry for disappearing for the past three weeks. I have finally fixed the problem with my computer, which was not what it initially seemed, but was indeed a software issue. I’ve been sick with a cold/cough/sore throat. I’ve been building some web sites and putting together some PowerPoint presentations. I’ve written and given a paper at a conference. All this after being in Kentucky for … Continue reading I’m Back!