Banking on the Media

Barack Obama claims to be a member of the Banking Committee—he’s not—to take credit for something it did. Good grief. If a Republican had done this, it would be front-page news all over the country! UPDATE: John Hinderaker asks whether Obama could be a serial liar. Today he lied about his own prediction about the success of the surge. Something interesting is going on here. … Continue reading Banking on the Media

If You’re Going to Rattle Your Sabre…

…you ought to make sure it’s in working order. Iran tested missiles that can reach Israel, releasing a photograph of a successful launch. Oops! Only three of the missiles actually fired. That doesn’t make for a very impressive front-page photograph! So, what to do? Photoshop to the rescue! Kudos to Charles Johnson for figuring it out. Continue reading If You’re Going to Rattle Your Sabre…

“Vindictive pressure groups interfering with news organizations”

That’s how Jon Randal describes the bloggers who exposed the “death” of Muhammad al-Dura as a sham. Anne-Elisabeth Moutet asks how Charles Enderlin and French 2 TV perpetrated a fraud, and finds a culture of unaccountability and closing ranks that has little interest in the truth. Continue reading “Vindictive pressure groups interfering with news organizations”

Scripted Reality

I used to be a fan of some reality TV shows, especially Survivor. But I lost interest when the fourth season seemed staged; Vecepia Towery won the Marquesas competition only because management wanted her to. Nevertheless, I was shocked a few years later when I learned from a Hollywood insider that Survivor had writers just like any other show. I didn’t think the same was … Continue reading Scripted Reality

The Ethics of Interrogation

Immanuel Kant wrote a short essay, “On a Supposed Right to Lie Because of Philanthropic Concerns,” in the Berlin Press in 1799, replying to a criticism of his views by Benjamin Constant. Constant described a case in which you allow a friend fleeing a murderer to take refuge in your house. The murderer comes to the door and asks whether the friend is there. Must … Continue reading The Ethics of Interrogation

More Planted Questions

We’ve already heard about questions for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail being planted by the campaign staff itself. The practice is evidently more widespread than I would have imagined. It turns out that the Republican candidates’ debate arranged by CNN last night contained multiple planted questions. Questioners described as “undecided” have been unmasked as Clinton, Obama, and Edwards supporters and activists. Now I have … Continue reading More Planted Questions