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binxpumpkinpatchBinx, Pumpkin, and Patch pass peacefully near the bottom of the stairs.


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Feline Friday: Emmitt

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking care of an acquaintance’s animals while he was in the hospital. On Thursday, I was startled to find, in addition to his own cat and the outdoor strays he regularly feeds, a cat carrier on his doorstep. Inside was a tiny kitten–about five weeks old–who was mewing with fear and hunger. I brought him home, of course. Now he sleeps near my head for much of the night, occasionally attempting to suckle my earlobe.

Emmitt is the eighth cat we’ve adopted from one apartment complex in the southeast part of the city; we have three from another complex there. There are many more wonderful cats in the same area who need homes. If you’re interested in getting a beautiful, friendly cat who will be eternally grateful for your love and companionship, I can set you up.

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Feline Friday: Binx



A couple of weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine went into the hospital. I took care of his cat and dog. He also feeds some stray cats. Most don’t trust me enough to let me catch them and put them into a carrier, but this one followed a handful of food right into my carrier. It’s a beautiful gray cat who’s very gentle and purrs very readily. My daughter, inspired by the season and the cat in the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus, named him Binx. He’s blended into the household easily. Here he is relaxing and hoping for some food.

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Feline Friday: Yoda

No, this one isn’t mine—Yoda lives in Illinois—but his four ears are noteworthy. He really does look like an alien creature.

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Feline Friday: Vega

A few years ago, we went to visit my brother for a week just after Christmas. A student of mine took care of our animals while we were away. When we returned, we had more cats than when we left! There were stray cats at her apartment complex, and she brought them to our house. One of them was Vega, an elegant orange cat with beautiful markings. Vega seemed to feel ill at ease for quite some time, as if she knew she hadn’t really been invited, but has now relaxed and acts as if she owns the place and graciously allows us to stay.

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In Memoriam: Caramel

Caramel was born on March 13, along with four brothers and sisters. He seemed to thrive, growing well and playing with the other kittens. He had the most remarkable blue eyes I’ve ever seen. He also had a sweet, gentle personality. My daughter made him a necklace to match his eyes so that we could tell him apart from his brothers more easily.

A week ago we took all five kittens to the vet for a second set of shots. Caramel weighed only one pound, less than half the next smallest kitten. Clearly, something was going wrong. Diagnosed with giardiasis, he started on medication. Soon thereafter, he stopped eating. We switched his medication and force-fed him cream and some high-calorie food. It seemed to help; he got more active, and was last seen during the night with his brothers and sisters playing with a piece of straw.

Today, however, we couldn’t find him. I came home early and searched for him for hours. Finally, I glimpsed a bit of fluff under a work table in the kitchen. It was Caramel. He was gone.

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Feline Friday: Jewel

JewelBack in February, I wrote about Jackie, who was born in our house in 1995 after a graduate student found a pregnant stray cat at her apartment complex. This is her sister Jewel. Always a bit of a recluse, Jewel suffered some sort of trauma while we were on vacation a few years ago and our housesitter abandoned his duties and left town. We returned to find her hissing and spitting at anything that moved. We have no idea what happened. Extraordinarily suspicious of almost all other cats, she now stays in her own room, the library, where she has an occasional feline visitor but otherwise has the place to herself. She’s friendly to people she knows. But being in her own room means she gets less attention than she’d like.

UPDATE: Yes, those are books from “The Cat Who….” series behind her.

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