Dead Man Talking—and “Feeling Pretty Good”

Mark Twain, reading an obituary for himself in the newspaper, quipped, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” But at least no one tried to bring it about. Zach Dunlap was pronounced dead after an ATV accident, and his body was about to be harvested for organs, when he responded to stimuli: Dunlap said one thing he does remember is hearing the doctors pronounce … Continue reading Dead Man Talking—and “Feeling Pretty Good”

Feline Friday: Sasha

Fifteen years ago, one of our daughters’ babysitters found a beautiful, long-haired kitten in a dumpster near campus. She wanted to keep the kitten, but her parents wouldn’t let her bring it home for the summer, so we kept it for her. When she returned in the fall, she was living in an apartment that didn’t accept pets. So, the kitten became ours permanently. Sasha … Continue reading Feline Friday: Sasha

The Day the Music Companies Died

Charlie Martin writes an obituary, perhaps not too far in advance, for the record companies: There is a new business model coming, one that will be built around the musicians and their works; promoting them, getting them visibility, letting people know about them. It will be good for musicians themselves, and not just the big name acts: with a potential audience of billions of people, … Continue reading The Day the Music Companies Died

More on Obama’s Speech

Lionel Chetwind, Thomas Sowell, and Marty Peretz offer perspectives on Barack Obama’s speech about his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who apparently had no more personal reason for hostility to America than Obama himself. Perhaps the most insightful reaction I have heard to Obama’s speech, however, and the one that may portend most for his prospects in Pennsylvania, comes from a bar patron in Philadelphia, who … Continue reading More on Obama’s Speech

Great Moments in Homeschooling

Lydia McGrew‘s daughter discovers the essence of Gnosticism and postmodernism: I got to the part about how the Gnostics tried to create mysteries and then told people that they could be part of their secret “club” by going through an initiation ceremony. People thought this was pretty cool and that they would be profound thinkers like their teachers if they learned this hidden knowledge, but … Continue reading Great Moments in Homeschooling

Hillary Under Fire

Exaggeration is one thing, but confusing hugs with sniper fire? I love the euphemism “misspoke,” incidentally, as if this was some sort of malapropism. Still, I think many people are tempted to embellish the truth from time to time, to project an image more positive, more interesting, and more dramatic to their listeners than the facts warrant. It must be an occupational hazard of politicians, … Continue reading Hillary Under Fire

Happy Easter!

From the Pope’s Easter message: Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum. Alleluia! – I have risen, I am still with you. Alleluia! Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus, crucified and risen, repeats this joyful proclamation to us today: the Easter proclamation. Let us welcome it with deep wonder and gratitude! Meanwhile, Lydia McGrew quotes a marvelous John Updike poem: Seven Stanzas At Easter By John Updike Make … Continue reading Happy Easter!