Does this make me epistemically open?

I don’t see how you can “automatically” strip anyone of citizenship without a trial that establishes guilt.  And even if that were the case, the Left doesn’t care about citizenship: for them, non-citizens have the same rights as citizens. Joe Lieberman is supposedly trying to update sedition laws to preremptorily strip citizenship from people who consort with, give aid to, take training from enemies of … Continue reading Does this make me epistemically open?

“Laughter is the language of the Soul.” (Pablo Neruda)

Because he sold his soul, but at least Bart got $5 for it (from Milhouse no less), and it cost him. As it turns out, nearly 7,500 shoppers online sold their souls as well – and I wonder if their sense of humor is intact. Per FoxNews (today on their twitter feed as well): A computer game retailer revealed that it legally owns the souls … Continue reading “Laughter is the language of the Soul.” (Pablo Neruda)

Changing Human Nature

Shrinkwrapped has an excellent post on the temptation to try to make people better, and the misery it inevitably entails. I trace the tendency to Rousseau’s second Discourse, which argues that private property makes people artificial, making them try to seem to be what they are not. This leads to Marx’s concepts of alienation and false consciousness, Sartre’s notion of bad faith, and massive, disastrous … Continue reading Changing Human Nature

The Greatest Modern Day Thinker

Who is the greatest modern day thinker? Most of the responses are silly—Homer Simpson, Stan on South Park, L. Ron Hubbard, etc. The striking thing is that so few people nominate anyone contemporary philosophers tend to take seriously. Depending on how loosely one defines “modern day,” within philosophy Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Rudolf Carnap, W. V. O. Quine, Wilfrid Sellars, Saul Kripke, and David Lewis … Continue reading The Greatest Modern Day Thinker