“Hello, God? It’s me again: Fear-addled Bitterclinger”

Sociologist-in-chief is dusting off his cliched and inaccurate rendering of evolutionary biology to explain why voters are reacting so negatively to Democrats, Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,’ Obama said … Continue reading “Hello, God? It’s me again: Fear-addled Bitterclinger”

In the Ditch with BO

I confess, I enjoy Jon Stewart more when he’s creaming Democrats. And I admire the talent, too: unlike Gary Trudeau of Doonesbury fame, Stewart can lampoon without embedding crypto-compliments (see today’s “He can’t empathize because he’s always thinking” strip.) Wait- I thought BO had retired the “drove the car into the ditch” metaphor after 6,000 times at bat.  I guess I was wrong.  But, since … Continue reading In the Ditch with BO


This is turning out to be the weirdest year in Texas, weather-wise.  After several years of drought that rivaled the all-time worst droughts of the last century, we’ve been getting copious amounts of rain.  Over 5 inches fell this past week at my house.  If it weren’t for all of the biting insects, you’d think it was England.  Oh, yeah, and the accents.  I understand … Continue reading Rain


I joined FB to get news about particular things, and the original reason that I joined has gone away.  Now I find myself getting really annoyed by a number of people who are from my old church who link YouTube videos, usually of beautiful choral music from England, from a site that’s called “Unapologetically Episcopalian.”  I find myself thinking, “Really, these people don’t think they … Continue reading Facebook

Plug the Damn Hole, Barry: A Strategy for Several Problems Plaguing the Obama Presidency

Taking a brief time out from the workaday quotidien-ness of the crisisblur that is the Obama Presidency, Barry, a.k.a. Whiner-in-Chief, joined Barbara Boxer for a fundraiser in San Francisco, a city that seems to bring out the best, or at least the most honest, of our Dear Leader’s Vaunted Rhetorical Skills: “Let’s face it this has been the toughest year and a half since any … Continue reading Plug the Damn Hole, Barry: A Strategy for Several Problems Plaguing the Obama Presidency

Incompetence on Trial

Which is more cringe inducing? Sadly, this spectacle makes Philo’s point about our so-called war on terror even more depressing: we aren’t even pursuing the flunkies in any way that is coherent.  The Taliban knows who there their enemy is, and will advertise to one and all who the enemy is.  We glance nervously around and knit our brows and courageously refuse to impugn a … Continue reading Incompetence on Trial

That’s with a “T”, not an “L”

It seems like yesterday that the Obama campaign was mocking [disabled war hero victim of torture] Senator John McCain for not being able to use a keyboard.  And it seems like just a few minutes ago, the first crisis the Secret Service had to handle was when BO dropped his Bubble-Busting Blackberry. Well, all that too-cool-for-you cutting edge techno savvy networking is soooo 2009.  The … Continue reading That’s with a “T”, not an “L”

Mother’s Day: Survival of the Fittest Edition

There’s a feature this a.m. in the Life & Arts section about “bad mother moments” where moms wrote in to confess their failures.  For the most part, these true confessions were all very far behind the front line of battle between “tough love” and “I left my toddler in the house over the weekend with an open box of cereal and the TV on at the Cartoon Channel.  I needed some ‘me’ time.” Overall it was pretty wimpy stuff, although I admire the woman who stuffed her kid’s toy recorder with foam, telling her that it would “filter” the sound.  Some of it didn’t even register as “bad,” just the kind of stuff unimaginative types think qualifies as a major lapse of nurturing: mother of 4 month old FORGETS TO PACK EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES IN DIAPER BAG.  When the kid needs changing, he doesn’t have a replacement pair of pants (diaper leak- oops.) So he has to endure the humiliation of only wearing his shirt, clean diapers, and his mom’s jacket at a dinner with family.  At the Salt Lick, mind you, not the Four Seasons.  I remember never dressing my daughter in anything more than a “onesie” until she was old enough to complain.  And now, three years later, she’s graduating from high school.  Time flies! Continue reading “Mother’s Day: Survival of the Fittest Edition”

Does this make me epistemically open?

I don’t see how you can “automatically” strip anyone of citizenship without a trial that establishes guilt.  And even if that were the case, the Left doesn’t care about citizenship: for them, non-citizens have the same rights as citizens. Joe Lieberman is supposedly trying to update sedition laws to preremptorily strip citizenship from people who consort with, give aid to, take training from enemies of … Continue reading Does this make me epistemically open?

The Check’s in the Mail, etc.

No, dear, that dress doesn’t make your asterisk look fat. My dog ate my homework. The system worked. What part of this scenario makes no sense? On Sunday night, about 24 hours after the smoking Nissan Pathfinder was left on a bustling Manhattan street, investigators identified Mr. Shahzad as the buyer of the car. While the vehicle identification number had been removed from the passenger … Continue reading The Check’s in the Mail, etc.