Video: Haiti Earthquake

There are many organizations asking for money to help the relief efforts in Haiti.  And many of them are very good, BUT: it is a fact that some agencies are in a better position to help than others, and that there are unscrupulous operators.  My personal preference is to give to organizations that already have some infrastructure on the ground, and I have confidence in Episcopal Relief and Development and Catholic Relief Services, both of which are up and running in Haiti.  The Sacre Coeur Hospital was recommended on NRO by a woman who has volunteered there.  What’s important in this case is that the hospital is up and running and will undoubtedly become very important as a locus for care since so many other places have been destroyed.

I’ve seen some newspaper articles that have compiled lists of agencies, including the Agency for International Development.  As an alumna, I can say with complete certainty that there are better ways to help the people of Haiti, and better places to send your money.  Monies sent to the government, even voluntarily, have a way of being redirected to the job security needs of the bureaucrats, not to the people that actually need the help.

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