There’s Something About Peter

In reference to Barb’s post: I’m baffled about how a jerk like Peter Orszag attracts women like Claire Milonas, whom he dumped when she got pregnant, despite her wealth and beauty. Look at the picture of Orszag. Here’s Claire:

She’s pretty. She also looks nice. I can’t look at these pictures without liking her.

Here’s his new squeeze, Bianna Golodryga:

Power must be more of an aphrodisiac than I realized. Or is there another explanation?

Maybe it’s just something about Orszag. There is a blog devoted solely to his sex appeal!

One thought on “There’s Something About Peter

  1. OK, I have to add that Claire Milonas is brainy and fabulously wealthy. She’s the daughter of a Greek shipping magnate (is there any other kind? like “chauffeur-driven limousine”) went Yale, has a Harvard MBA, and has her own venture capital firm. Sounds like someone Peter Orszag could have a conversation with, beyond, “Does this lip gloss make my rear look fat?”

    She also has great hair: let’s hope that her daughter gets Mama’s hair:

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