[Many thanks to Philo for inviting me to be a contributor to The View- Beeb] Alternative title: Why “Eeuw” is the Appropriate Response. The instances of gender-bending fawning by the media over the president are too numerous to count at this point.  During the campaign, we had to deal with thrills going up legs,  Tim Geithner’s reportedly mutual presidential man-crush, and an erstwhile sports writer … Continue reading Gender-flex

“Only an Intellectual Could Believe That”

Richard Fernandez reacts to President Obama’s description of “systemic failure” in our defenses against terrorism, and stresses the importance of decentralization and evolution within complex adaptive systems, while also pointing out that the lawyers in charge will never let responsibility be distributed in the way that success would require. A new process will be invented. More ceremonies will be performed. Incense will be burned before … Continue reading “Only an Intellectual Could Believe That”