Banking on the Media

Barack Obama claims to be a member of the Banking Committeehe’s not—to take credit for something it did. Good grief. If a Republican had done this, it would be front-page news all over the country!

UPDATE: John Hinderaker asks whether Obama could be a serial liar. Today he lied about his own prediction about the success of the surge. Something interesting is going on here. Democrats have to change positions in Presidential elections; they have to swerve to the left for the primaries and then swing to the center-right for the general election. This poses a problem: How do you explain the shift? John Kerry earned the “flip-flop” label in 2004 because he couldn’t answer that question. Obama now seems to be trying to address it by denying that he ever held his earlier positions. Since many of them are well-known, and since many of them are documented on YouTube and in other ways, this doesn’t seem like a very promising response.

FURTHER UPDATE: Is the media becoming disenchanted?  Gabriel Sherman says so.  I doubt it, myself—or, at least, I doubt that it matters, since I think even those media members who do become disenchanted will suppress it for the good of the cause.  There is a limit to that, however, for the one thing the media care about more than the cause is themselves.

3 thoughts on “Banking on the Media

  1. Yes, I think Obama has a real truth problem. It’s been showing itself in little ways, but this latest incident is more blatant than any I’m aware of. And what’s so interesting is that he fibs about things that can easily be checked. With regard to the Banking Committee comment, how could he possibly think he would get away with that? It’s like someone who can’t help lying. What do they call that? Oh, yes, a pathological liar.

  2. Forget what would happen to a Republican: look what happened to Hillary when she claimed to duck sniper fire in Bosnia. The press were all over her like a cheap suit.

    Obama believes what the media are telling him, which is that every word is to be consumed like precious manna from heaven, a gift of supreme value and capable of making a new truth because it emerged from the mouth of the Messiah himself. There is no such thing as a lie or a contradiction. It reminds me of what the Koran says about itself: that Allah can change his mind (and reality) without explanation. He is, after all, Allah, and we are mere mortals without understanding.

    For the serious voter however, the issue is only, “Does Barry understand anything at all about economics?” And the answer is…

  3. I think that’s exactly right. I hope someone is putting together an ad that starts with Kirk Watson drawing a blank when Chris Matthews asks him to list Obama’s achievements, and then proceeds to Obama’s prevarications when trying to name some himself.

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