Scripted Reality

I used to be a fan of some reality TV shows, especially Survivor. But I lost interest when the fourth season seemed staged; Vecepia Towery won the Marquesas competition only because management wanted her to. Nevertheless, I was shocked a few years later when I learned from a Hollywood insider that Survivor had writers just like any other show.

I didn’t think the same was true of politics. Increasingly, however, I’m convinced that it is. Hillary’s planted questioners have made news this primary season. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In Germany, politicians whispered about a Turkish man departing from the intended script, and were picked up on the microphone:

While a young and allegedly reformed violent Turkish criminal, asked by the talk show host: “What could Germany have done to offer you a better existence”?, answers “Well, nothing specific really comes to my mind. All the opportunities have been there, you just have to look for them a little bit”, a shocked Secretary of Justice and the Turkish MP have the following exchange:

Mutlu: “Has he not been briefed”?

Zypries: “He has”!

Their mimics clearly show how they disapprove of the conciliatory words of their political client. So, the take of PI and others, including myself, is that the State media in Germany is presenting biased and doctored contents to the tax paying audience who pays for their own media indoctrination.

If someone had told me even a year ago that much “news” was scripted I would have dismissed them as an extreme right- or left-wing lunatic. Now, I’m beginning to think it’s true more often than most of us suspect. Please, get me help before it’s too late!

2 thoughts on “Scripted Reality

  1. I used to watch MTV’s “The Real World” religiously but only up until the Seattle group. At that time, I was also watching MTV’s “Road Rules” until it, too, became boring. When I look back, I can’t believe I subjected myself to such crap. Especially, when former “The Real World” participants let so many cats out of the bag, including coerced conflicts, creative editing, and, yes, some scripting. I have not watched any other Reality TV since then, unless, of course, you count “American Idol.”

    In terms of the “news” being scripted by the government, I used to think that applied to Fox News only, but I now have my doubts about all newscasts.

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