World Cup

The world will be stopping down for World Cup football (soccer to US) tournament this month. Bob Sturm of The Ticket’s BaD Radio has a good strong preview. He sizes up the USA side and assesses their chances to advance. I don’t normally watch this football but might get drawn in to the rounds of 16, especially if we do advance. The Sturminator on that happening …

The biggest concern for the USA as they prepare to play England, Algeria, and Slovenia is the back line. Just like in hockey, if the back line of defenders is weak, the goalie will have almost no chance. And here, the quality of the back 4 defenders for the Americans has been under a great spotlight. There have been too many times in the friendlies where the opposition ran free in the penalty area with no USA defenders in sight. This will be the death of a team in the World Cup. The strikers are too precise, and all they need is an inch. Wayne Rooney scores at every level of world football, so he will not be impressed with the rather so-so group of defenders he will face on Saturday.

Sports Sturm will do his best to help you care about the World Cup.

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