Michelle Malkin celebrates the defeat of proposed rule changes to Scrabble. Allegedly, proper names were going to be allowable. As a conservative I applaud this as well. Liberalism has infiltrated too many areas of our daily life.

… we were initially horrified to hear the rumors started by Time Magazine that Scrabble was succumbing to the lowest common denominator and changing its rules to allow proper nouns and other standard-lowering nonsense. I’m happy to report, however, that the rumors have been greatly exaggerated …

Heck, even the Simpsons played Scrabble.

One thought on “Kwyjibo

  1. Occasionally when I fly, I sit next to someone memorable. Once, it was a woman with a sleeping infant. Not memorable, you say? It is when the woman holds the baby in one arm and with her free hand holds the air sick bag into which she vomits repeatedly for the duration of the 4 hour flight without waking up the baby.

    But I digress. I once sat next to a serious, serious scrabble player. I said I liked to play- I’m pretty good, in fact, in amateur just-for-fun circles. But he was pretty disdainful of my lack of knowledge about the competitive aspects of the game. My humiliation was mitigated somewhat by the screams of a child about 11 y/o, who, if her top-of-the-lungs wails were true, was being forcibly kidnapped by a woman, not her mother, who was administering some horrible torture via ESP that lasted the entire flight. She was sitting right behind us. Those screams are the stuff of nightmares.

    Scrabble has quite an extensive competitive fan base that I don’t think they would have accepted the new, more lax rules. Judging from my (limited) experience, I suspect there would have been rebellion in the ranks.

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