Classy Mickelson

With all the hub-bub over Tiger Woods, it was nice to see this  story about Phil Mickelson. Phil’s wife and mother are being treated for breast cancer by a Dr Tom Buchholz out of Houston TX. At the Houston Open last weekend, in the last round on the final holes, Phil pulls the doctor out of the gallery and has him caddie for a few holes. In what was going to be a one hole stroll for the doctor turned into several as Phil started sinking putts for birdies. I expect it was a thrill to be inside the ropes at a PGA event, and a stellar way of saying thanks to the doctor who is caring for his family.

“This man has helped us through some of the toughest times that we’ve gone through,” Mickelson said. “He’s the best at what he does.”

Golf fans either love or hate Phil. He says stuff that rubs other golfers (Tiger) the wrong way, or is not so serious about his game. He can make you gasp at the accuracy of his game, or stuns you with how he can miss a 3 foot putt in crunch time.  I have pulled for Phil most of the time being a fellow left-hander, but now I think I can root for him a little stronger than before. He seems like a good guy after all.

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