Philo has given me a key to the executive washroom to post a few notes. I listen to the radio during the day and hear items I think are interesting. A few sentences here and there, a quote, a link, and I will be done. I don’t home in on just talk radio either, but podcasts, livestreams, music, sports, news and stuff.

For example, I began listening to the Dennis Miller Show about a year ago, and now I go to it daily if I have time and remember. Very clever, informed, and humorous, Dennis provides good radio. And if your streaming, all sorts of music instead of commercials.  Today was Miller’s sidekick Sal’s last day. Sal has a rather caustic, dark wit that is usually accompanied by the opening measure of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in d minor afterward. Adios Sal.  PS Dennis had on Jerome Corsi today of World Net Daily – his introduction and theme song on the show is the old Lost In Space music. PS there is a free Dennis Miller Radio app on itunes – plays random segments continuously.

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