Rule Changes – NFL OT and Otherwise

ESPN Radio had a quick little blurb that the NFL is considering changes to its OT rules for the playoffs.  The rule change will be discussed and decided on later this year:

The competition committee will discuss the new concept with teams and players at league meetings March 21-24 in Orlando, Fla., when it could come to a vote. At least two thirds of the teams would need to agree to the changes for new rules to be adopted (emphasis added).

Two thirds agree? Isn’t two thirds of the teams restraining to this important bit of legistlation? Wouldn’t Americans be satisfied with a 51% majority? Don’t we need to make it easier for change to occur, regardless of the league founders’ intent? Yet these are the arguments given to convince us that the Senate reconciliation process will be used to jam healthcare legislation through Congress.

Rules and values are important to have, until they affect the Left, and then the rules and values need to be altered to meet the Left’s agenda. The NFL will follow its procedures to bring changes to its game, Congress should too.

One thought on “Rule Changes – NFL OT and Otherwise

  1. Philo, you are such a grump. I mean, a certain flexibility is always handy, like when your legislature changes the governor’s ability to appoint an interim senator so that there has to be a special election, but then changes the rules BACK so that the (different governor) can appoint anyone he wants, then take a nice interim period to hold a special election.

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