The Window Will Open

The University of Illinois at Chicago has announced that it will permit access to the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, starting Tuesday. Has anyone in Chicago with a video camera been recording activity at the doors of the collection? Continue reading The Window Will Open

A Glimpse into the Chicago Annenberg Challenge

Steve Diamond gives a taste of what might be hidden in the archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Then again, Glenn Reynolds may be right: I suspect that anything damaging has vanished by now anyway. It’s Chicago, after all. Diamond’s information makes it seem that the CAC’s main objective was to create in Chicago something like the council system that has radicalized schools in Britain. … Continue reading A Glimpse into the Chicago Annenberg Challenge

A Doubly Deceptive Answer

Not only did Obama lie about his role in working with John McCain on ethics reform legislation; he lied about what he said about McDonald’s. On the former, here’s Hugh Hewitt: Obama sent McCain a letter backing out of the effort. McCain responded with a blistering rebuke. “I concluded your professed concern for the institution and the public interest was genuine and admirable,” McCain responded. … Continue reading A Doubly Deceptive Answer

Cover-up in Chicago?

Stan Kurtz isn’t being allowed to review the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in Chicago, after initially being given permission. That’s the $50 million fund Bill Ayers ran and Barack Obama chaired. Kurtz explains the significance of this: Libraries are designed, not to unduly restrict information, but to make it available to an interested public. This country is now mere months away from a … Continue reading Cover-up in Chicago?

Obama’s Racism

Barack Obama, asked by Rick Warren to say which Supreme Court Justices he would not have nominated, answered “I would not have nominated Clarence Thomas.” He started to say that Justice Thomas didn’t have enough experience at the time—a remarkable charge, given Obama’s lack of experience and qualifications for the Presidency. But he thought better of it. “I don’t think that he, I don’t think … Continue reading Obama’s Racism

August 15, 718: Victory at Constantinople

One thousand two hundred ninety years ago today, the forces of Islam met their first major defeat—one that saved Western civilization. Here is Edward Gibbon’s account. Strong defenses, unity with the Bulgarians, Greek fire, and a harsh winter saved the day. At length, after a siege of thirteen months, the hopeless Moslemah received from the caliph the welcome permission of retreat. The march of the … Continue reading August 15, 718: Victory at Constantinople