“To the Benefit of the Least Advantaged”

John Rawls contends that inequalities must be arranged so that they benefit the least advantaged members of society. There are real questions about the identity of the least advantaged; income maps tend to show that the least advantaged, in terms of income, are the residents of state mental hospitals. But put that aside. It’s commonly assumed that Rawls’s difference principle favors a European-style welfare state … Continue reading “To the Benefit of the Least Advantaged”

Immigration and the Welfare State

Milton Friedman thought it was obvious that one cannot have both free immigration and a welfare state. It’s like giving out twenty dollar bills to an unlimited audience; one soon goes broke. Daniel Greenfield contemplates a variation on that theme. Socialized medicine, he argues, is a particularly strong and expensive form of the welfare state. It is so expensive, in fact, that it forces taxes … Continue reading Immigration and the Welfare State