Hezbollah on Alert

Wretchard connects some dots, noting that Hezbollah and its sponsors (Syria, Iran) appear to be startled at Mugniyeh’s assassination, uncertain of who did it, how, and why. Hezbollah is on full alert. Is Hezbollah preparing to be struck or preparing to strike? …The question on both sides of the line is who is going to move next. Judging by reactions Mughniyeh’s death was both a … Continue reading Hezbollah on Alert

More on Mugniyeh

Caroline Glick has much more on Imad Mugniyeh, including these intriguing bits. It appears that he was planning a breath-taking operation to kidnap top European leaders, including the Pope: It is quite possible that terror master Imad Mughniyeh was not killed Tuesday night in Damascus for his past crimes, but to prevent him from carrying out additional attacks in the future. On January 30, French … Continue reading More on Mugniyeh

Why I Can’t Vote for a Democrat

Today the Democrats of the House and Senate approved restricting CIA interrogation techniques to those outlined in the Army Field Manual. Power Line correctly notes that this means that the Democratic Party simply is not serious about the national security of the United States. Over the last 36 hours, Congressional Democrats have again demonstrated a casual, even frivolous attitude toward their Constitutional duty to assist … Continue reading Why I Can’t Vote for a Democrat

Naming the Enemy

George Weigel names the enemy, and asks why so many are so unwilling to do the same: That is what we are fighting: jihadism, the religiously inspired ideology which teaches that it is every Muslim’s duty to use any means necessary to compel the world’s submission to Islam. That most of the world’s Muslims do not accept this definition of the demands of their faith … Continue reading Naming the Enemy

Roger Simon Cuts to the Chase

Watching TV discussion of the results of the Michigan primary, Roger Simon says, I had one of those rare zen moments of simplicity. It all comes down to a simple question: Who would you like to be in the White House if Pakistan fell to al Qaeda and the Islamists gained control of its nuclear arsenal? Answer that question and you will know your candidate. … Continue reading Roger Simon Cuts to the Chase

President Bush: Truman or Buchanan?

Caroline Glick draws historical parallels to the current situation, and worries that the bureaucracy may be undermining the President’s doctrine: THEN TOO, although Bush, like Truman, set out to form institutional tools to fight the long struggle against the forces of jihad, these institutions have done little to advance the cause. The Department of Homeland Security has not stymied the strength of Islamic agents of … Continue reading President Bush: Truman or Buchanan?

A Question for the Candidates

Here’s a question I’d like to hear the Presidential candidates answer: Your first year in office is nearing its end. Without warning, terrorists detonate a nuclear device—a “dirty bomb,” say—in downtown Los Angeles. Hundreds of thousands are dead or dying; much of Los Angeles is uninhabitable, and will be many years. Al-Qaeda claims responsibility. Intelligence indicates that the bomb came from either Iran or Pakistan—perhaps … Continue reading A Question for the Candidates