Domestic Terrorism

If you haven’t heard about the team of Leftists who are harassing and threatening bloggers, trying to silence them, you need to learn something about what they are doing—with the financial support of the Tides Foundation, the Heinz Foundation, the Barbara Streisand Foundation, and others. Freedom of speech is under serious attack. This is bone-chilling. Maybe leftists have been calling people who happen to disagree … Continue reading Domestic Terrorism

The Big Lie

Let’s see: some groups with a history of supporting terrorism against Israel, and with close ties to Hamas (and maybe even Barack Obama, by way of Bill Ayers and Code Pink), organize a flotilla of ships filled with heavily armed “peace activists,” many of them members of terrorist organizations, who sing songs glorifying the slaughter of Jews, refuse Israel’s offer to be permitted to take … Continue reading The Big Lie

Border Crossings

More confirmation that the problem of terrorists entering the country through Mexico are real: That’s 162 people in one year! And presumably those apprehended are a small percentage of those making it through. And now there’s a terror watch for the Texas-Mexico border. The Department of Homeland Security is alerting Texas authorities to be on the lookout for a suspected member of the Somalia-based Al … Continue reading Border Crossings

Terror in Texas

I have refrained from saying anything about the attack at Fort Hood until the facts became clear.  It is remarkable how much we have learned about the activities and beliefs of Major Hasan, and how clearly they indicate that his act was an act of terrorism.  It is even more remarkable how unwilling the Army, the media, and the President are to embrace that conclusion.  … Continue reading Terror in Texas

Tragedy in Jerusalem

Yesterday a driver at a yeshiva in Jerusalem opened fire, killing 8. Hamas claimed responsibility; residents of the Gaza Strip rejoiced. The spectacle is sickening but also thought-provoking. How does one respond to such an enemy? Roger Simon finds himself tempted to recommend an ultimatum and, then, when it inevitably fails, going all Dresden on the Gaza Strip. I’m fine with demanding that Gaza act … Continue reading Tragedy in Jerusalem

Sleepless in Sderot

Laura Bialis gives a first-hand report, which includes these reflections: I look at the press from the West and get very angry. Its mostly about their injuries. Another article about Palestinian protests about our attacks. This is ridiculous. If there were no rockets raining on us the IDF wouldn’t have anything to do there. I don’t like the way we are portrayed. We don’t want … Continue reading Sleepless in Sderot