22,000 Terrorists, 30 Plots

The British are monitoring 22,000 terrorists organized into more than 200 networks as well as 30 active terror plots in the UK alone. Robert Spencer summarizes it succinctly: “Britain has seen a marked increase in militant Islamist plots since it embarked upon a policy of appeasement and see-no-evil, speak-no-evil, hear-no-evil regarding the Muslim community.” It’s crucial to remember that the terror threat is very much … Continue reading 22,000 Terrorists, 30 Plots

McCarthy on the Bhutto Assassination

Andrew McCarthy argues that Benazir Bhutto was murdered by the real Pakistan—something that should give us pause in pushing for democracy in the Islamic world. If he’s right, however, why did al-Qaeda have to assassinate her? Couldn’t they have just won an election? Then again, perhaps murder is easier than politics. Continue reading McCarthy on the Bhutto Assassination