Michelle Malkin celebrates the defeat of proposed rule changes to Scrabble. Allegedly, proper names were going to be allowable. As a conservative I applaud this as well. Liberalism has infiltrated too many areas of our daily life. … we were initially horrified to hear the rumors started by Time Magazine that Scrabble was succumbing to the lowest common denominator and changing its rules to allow … Continue reading Kwyjibo

“If You’re the Police, Who Will Police the Police?”

“I dunno—Coast Guard?” That’s Homer Simpson’s answer to Lisa when he starts a vigilante group. (“Mental note: The girl knows too much.”) Victor Davis Hanson asks the same of the Democratic Congress, especially given that Nancy Pelosi is reversing the Contract with America and returning the Congress to its earlier, thoroughly Democratic but thoroughly undemocratic ways. Sadly, people have forgotten just how hostile to democracy … Continue reading “If You’re the Police, Who Will Police the Police?”