Spring Break Slowdown

Posting has been light this week, which was my spring break.  Despite the well known spring break acceleration of time, however, the explanation has little to do with spring break and much to do with a cat, an open laptop, and a bottle of Hefeweizen. Luckily, the cat and the laptop survived. Here are some links to articles that I find well worth reading: Jonathan … Continue reading Spring Break Slowdown

When the Rats Start Fleeing

The European Union is pulling out of northern Kosovo, an area that is mostly ethnically Serbian. The problem is that the Serbs are taking the cue from the Kosovars. If Kosovo can split from Serbia why can’t Serbian regions split from Kosovo? It’s a good question. Continue reading When the Rats Start Fleeing

Anti-Serbian Bigotry

Anti-Serbian hate speech from Stephen Schwartz. I defend his right to say it, as well as my right to denounce it as an exemplar of vile bigotry. Consider: Serbs …. revel in their bravery when it comes to murdering children and old people…. Serbs do not change. Serbs hate Muslims because Muslims wash before praying. Serbs are unafraid of dirt…. “Serbian statesmanship” – rioting, arson, … Continue reading Anti-Serbian Bigotry

Kosovo Independence

Joshua Trevino describes the impending Kosovo declaration of independence. In the two-and-a-half months of war in 1999, Serbian authorities did terrible things to Kosovar Albanians. The war precipitated the very crisis that the West imagined, but had not actually come to pass: the “ethnic cleansing,” via mass expulsions, of Kosovo of its Muslims. But in the nine years since, Kosovar Albanians have done terrible things … Continue reading Kosovo Independence

“…some of my best friends are Serbs….”

Shlomo Avineri writes a letter to a Serbian friend, advising Serbia to acquiesce in Kosovo independence. He points out that 90% of the population of Kosovo is ethnically Albanian, and says: Yet one cannot draw 21st century borders according to historical links which overlook the wishes of the present population. The question is not territory, but people. It is for this reason that most Israelis … Continue reading “…some of my best friends are Serbs….”