The Level of Argumentation at Stanford

Mike Lucas, a gay porn star, gave a speech at Stanford criticizing Islam. The reaction to the speech prompted him to write an op-ed for The Stanford Daily. That brought on a torrent of comments which are remarkable for their intolerance, abusiveness, and sheer idiocy. (Warning: Strong language!) Here are a few brief ones: • i am scared of this man. • This is just … Continue reading The Level of Argumentation at Stanford

Vonnegut’s Rules

The late Kurt Vonnegut’s rules for writing short stories.  They’re excellent rules for writing any sort of fiction.I wish more screenplay writers would follow these rules; movies might be a good deal better as a result. When I watch “deleted scenes” on a DVD, my respect for the writers always plummets. It’s always good that the scenes were deleted, and I generally wonder why anyone … Continue reading Vonnegut’s Rules

With Friends Like These….

J. O. Urmson, introducing a volume of essays by H. A. Pritchard: Certainly it must be conceded that his influence in his lifetime was great, particularly in his own university of Oxford; but this may be counted a misfortune. Did he not constantly overbear his opponents with dogmatic assertion? ‘If we reflect, we become forced to admit…’, he would say, and further discussion would be … Continue reading With Friends Like These….