Scenes from the Class Struggle in Texas

The National Association of Scholars recently completed a study of history courses offered at The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University. It’s absolutely on target: Our findings in this study shed light on a source of Americans’ increasing ignorance about their own history. At the two institutions we studied, the focus on race, class, and gender often tended to crowd out the … Continue reading Scenes from the Class Struggle in Texas

Affirmative Pretense or Self-delusion

Justice Antonin Scalia once wrote: There is, of course, a lot of pretense or self-delusion (you can take your choice) in all that pertains to affirmative action. Those words came to mind this morning when I received an EEO/AA Program Policy Statement from my employer: The University … is an equal employment opportunity employer. The University does not discriminate or tolerate harassment on any basis prohibited … Continue reading Affirmative Pretense or Self-delusion

Reactions to Obama’s Speech

Michael Goldfarb points out how amazing our current situation is: What if I told you in 2004 that the Democratic party would run an African American candidate for president in 2008? I tell you National Journal will officially label this candidate the most liberal member of the United States Senate. This candidate will also have served less than three years in that Senate, with no … Continue reading Reactions to Obama’s Speech

Barack’s Speech

Reaction so far seems predictably mixed—ecstasy on the left, skepticism and even poetry on the right—but my chief response is that the real concerns haven’t been answered. Victor Davis Hanson: So here we have it: a candidate who professes racial transcendence is comfortable with a racist; a candidate who preaches a new candor and transparency reflects the worst of the old Chicago politics of dissimulation, … Continue reading Barack’s Speech