Paul Mirengoff: Nor does Obama’s magic end at our borders. Last night, he said he would solve our immigration problem in part by improving the economy of Mexico to the point that illegal immigrants will have no need or desire to enter the paradise Obama will create here. Most magically of all, Obama will fix Mexico’s economy even while refusing to trade with Mexico unless … Continue reading Obamagic

Obama’s Problem

Well, there’s the lack of accomplishments problem—watch that, if you haven’t already!—but there’s also the problem of defending the same set of Democratic policy ideas that led to the defeats of George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, and John Kerry. Bill Clinton ran on a centrist agenda that rejected many elements of traditional liberalism. Obama doesn’t seem to reject any element … Continue reading Obama’s Problem


Obama swept primaries in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia yesterday. Uncle Jimbo reports on a large Obama rally in Madison. Meanwhile, Megan McArdle asks a good question: I’m watching his speech now, and it’s inspiring. But it’s also saddening, because deep down, I don’t believe that Obama is going to change Washington, eliminate lobbying, etc. I wish he wouldn’t tell me things that … Continue reading Obamania

Why Republicans are Happier

The Washington Post reports: Most studies show that wealthy people are marginally happier than poor ones. People with pets or children are no happier than those without. People with active sex lives are — surprise! — happier than those without. No single morsel of happiness data, though, is more intriguing than this: Republicans are happier than Democrats. A 2006 Pew Research poll found that 45 … Continue reading Why Republicans are Happier

“But why are the generals getting restless all over NATO?”

T.M. Lutas: “I can see no other explanation than a profound, international vote of no-confidence in the political class of the West by heavily experienced military minds that live, breathe, eat, and sleep the problem of defending us all from violent threats to our liberties and very existence.” (HT: Instapundit) Continue reading “But why are the generals getting restless all over NATO?”

Is McCain the new Teddy Roosevelt?

Robert James Bidinotto points out something I should have seen before: John McCain is a Republican progressive, an intellectual descendant of Theodore Roosevelt. Like Roosevelt, he appears to be suspicious of business, devoted to political reform, and happy to use government power aggressively for what he sees as desirable economic, political, and international ends. More important than the Roosevelt presidency in the long run was … Continue reading Is McCain the new Teddy Roosevelt?

Romney Wins Maine

What’s the sound of one Republican winning? Silence, if that Republican is Mitt Romney. Ann Althouse asks a related philosophical question: If Romney won a caucus in the extreme northeast, and nobody noticed, would it mean a damned thing? Mitt Romney wins Maine, but nobody cares, despite high turnout and a large margin of victory. The mainstream media have a storyline on the Republican race, … Continue reading Romney Wins Maine