Cracking the ACORN

Sarah Palin has demanded that Obama release his communications with ACORN, the group to which he has had close ties in the past and to which he has given $800K for voter registration work during this campaign. The group is under investigation in many states for blatant voter fraud efforts. The Obama campaign’s response: to ask for an investigation of those alleging voter fraud! These … Continue reading Cracking the ACORN

The Vice-Presidential Debate

Sarah Palin and Joe Biden both did well last night, in my view—if you ignore the truth values of their assertions. The McCain campaign has compiled a list of Biden’s fourteen lies (quite a slide from Wilson’s fourteen points!) and that doesn’t include the howlers about the role of the Vice-President (this man is on the Judiciary Committee?) and the U.S. and France kicking Hezbollah … Continue reading The Vice-Presidential Debate

The Stealth Campaign

Wow. My Pet Jawa lays out evidence that a public relations firm working for the Obama campaign created and spread, through “astroturfing”—professionally produced YouTube videos and comment sockpuppetry—smears against Sarah Palin. Suddenly, the accounts have disappeared, and someone is trying to hide tracks. There’s strong evidence here, not only of dirty tricks, but of violation of campaign laws. Here’s the summary. But take the time … Continue reading The Stealth Campaign

Protesting Iran

Francis Beckwith and Meryl Yourish have details on how the Democrats have played hardball to prevent Sarah Palin from showing up at a protest of Iran. I like David Bernstein‘s comment best: Let me get this straight: if the only prominent American politician to attend a rally against Iran is Hillary Clinton, the rally is a neutral, nonpartisan event. If Hillary Clinton AND Sarah Palin … Continue reading Protesting Iran

The Republican Convention

Finally, the Republican National Convention is underway. Leftists protesters have attacked buses carrying Cub Scouts and dropped sand bags on buses carrying delegates. Fred Thompson gave a fine speech in support of John McCain, as did Joe Lieberman. Meanwhile, liberals find new ways to embarrass themselves in attacking Sarah Palin. The Wall Street Journal today editorializes that it’s because she’s exactly what Barack Obama falsely … Continue reading The Republican Convention